12 January 2011

5 Days with Kate Banazi

I should have written this post 3 days ago to let you know that my friend Kate Banazi is guest blogging on The Design Files all of this week, plus she was interviewed by Lucy last week just to tempt our taste buds for the week ahead. Five days with Kate is great plus a short course in colour appreciation is good medicine all round. Go and learn yourself more about Kate and be entranced by her carnival of colour! Two more colour filled days to go...

p.s can you spot my love heart earrings on Lucy's lefthand side bar? (thanks Lucy a zillion times over)
p.p.s On day 3 Kate snuck in one of my blue babe with duck cards (she plans to send one to Miranda Kerr to celebrate the arrival of baby Orlando Jnr!)

Kates entertaining blog for future reference...

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