23 November 2010

November Stuff

Skye in charge of calendar sales, she was flat out!
 Neighborhood mural painted by clever Kat Chadwick
Hampstead Heath by Kate Banazi
Lightning by Kate Banazi
take note of Wilhelmina's bandaids (I lost count)
It's been a bit crazy lately and the last 24 hours I've been battling food poisoning, actually we have all been off colour. Please forgive me for letting the pictures speak for themselves, I still feel urky and the Melbourne heat doesn't help. I've been on duty all day with the kids which is hard work when you need to switch off and rest, poor Wilhelmina was affected too, somehow Karl and Ada escaped the worst. I hate you mince meat! Precious Mr Karl has just arrive home with more Lucozade, my staple for the last day and a bit. I've added some pics of last weeks The Design Files calendar launch at Lamington Drive, the calendar is RAD. Lucy has a stack of opening night pics over on her site, keep your eyes peeled for an extremely tired Wilhelmina, towards the end of the evening to my utter embarrassment she started screaming over and over again I WANT TO GO HOME NOW MUMMY!!!!! (repeat x 100) We've also been rearing some silk worms, the kids LOVE them, thankfully they're starting to weave their lovely little silky cocoons, they only eat Mulberry leaves and I'm a bit over it having to hunt them down throughout the neighborhood. Lastly we had a couple of exciting parcels arrive during the week. My special Sydney pal Kate Banazi sent us some treasures which I am in awe of. Be sure to check out Kate's online shop, she have a vast array of prints and screenprinted goodies to make your eyes pop with amazement. Even the girls received special sketchbook goodies, we were totally spoiled rotten, you are SO clever Kate, thank you!!! What a great destination to pick up some unique Chrissy pressies. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some Saltwater sandals for me and the girls. One word, P E R F E C T! Seriously they are the most comfortable and hard wearing sandal around, you'll go nana's when you see the colour range and they're made to walk through water, not like Jesus, more a leisurely stroll along the beach. Their motto is "They wear like iron". Bring on summer, once I feel better...


Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

emmas pair arrived today. they only took one week!
she has already christened them by standing in a tub of water and smooshing chalk with them.

They are a teeny bit narrow so hopefully they'll stretch

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddi, I have a red pair. They are the best. Love Georgia

Madeleine Stamer said...

Cintia, delivery was super speedy, I am impressed. Sadly Ada's don't fit, now I have to go through the hassle of returning them. I also bought her a pair of wee squeaks: http://www.meandmyfeet.com/product/PL6501%20SL
(SO cute)but they don't fit either!!! Getting sizing right is a poo. Georgia, you're the style queen! Did Leela get some?

Kate said...

Looks like you had a great time at the opening.
Thanks for the plug!

Madeleine said...

Hi Madeleine, how great are the saltwaters!! I bought coco and I some a couple of months ago and now we are both up to our second pair and because Otto felt like he was missing out, I got him some navy blue ones!
Serious fans.
And I love your beautiful work in the calendar. Gorgeous!