04 January 2011

Holidays #2

 Christmas day family portrait
Sister Marlo
Sister Rusty
Ada & Wilhelmina
Happy 2nd Birthday Ada xox
Seeing the New Year in at my brothers home
sampling the cousins toys
Holidays are RAD. We haven't gone away or done anything too exotic but we are really loving just hanging out with family, catching up with friends and doing cute family stuff. Ada has been sleeping in to 10am most mornings, that's on top of having a good 2 to 3 hour sleep every day then going to bed at 8.00pm. Things are just super ace. Our Christmas consisted of our annual Christmas eve feast at Mr Karl's mums house, honouring his fathers German heritage and opening pressies. Then we re-fuelled with my BIG family and had a gargantuan feast complete with mums delicious plum pudding and water slide. Two days later we celebrated Ada's 2nd birthday with a laid back backyard afternoon tea party with the usual pinata frenzy, it always sets the kids off, they seriously go nuts! (more photos to come). Basically everyday we have enjoyed going on simple but fun little adventures close to home. We celebrated New Years Eve in style at my brother and sister in laws place, it is by far the best party house EVER. They live near the Yarra Bend in Kew, not far from the city. From their balcony we enjoyed two sets of fireworks and we were bedazzled by the city lights and thousands of flying foxes. We were lucky enough to bunker down for the night which felt like staying in a 5 star resort (thanks Petie and Karen). The kids woke us up in the morning with their fresh little faces and we all enjoyed stuffing our mouths with yummy croissants from Aviv then we all went for a dip in the pool, even Ada boldly jumped off the edge much to our surprise and constant vigilance. Later my big bro Petie introduced me to Pineapple Dance Studio on Foxtel, too funny and addictive! Unfortunately Karl insists that we wont be getting Foxtel, boo! Hope you're enjoying the festive season too xo

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Anonymous said...

Karl was right - he did feel a blog coming on. Very kewl Mads. Bruz