11 April 2014

Holiday Treat

Hello old friends, it's been a loooong time between posts! Truth be told I've almost given up using the blog, in fact I couldn't remember my login details for the life of me and had to jump through a few google hoops to finally crack the golden code. I've refrained from deleting my account because I kind of like it lurking around in the bloggersphere and I secretly enjoy revisiting the old posts from time to time.

I thought it was well overdue to add a special treat particularly for the Easter holiday punters. I recently illustrated an Easter Wunderland print for my kids school holiday workshop with co-host extraordinare Ms Candy Sparkles. The free downloadable print depicts a floral wunderland with hidden easter eggs,  Mr and Mrs Duck Royale, a plethora of exotic plant-life and a jolly old easter bunny waiting to be transformed with a carnival of colour.

Feel free to download and share the link but please keep in mind downloads are strictly for personal use only and not for redistribution. By all means tag me in on instagram if you feel like sharing your kids masterpieces or perhaps you may feel inclined to have a dabble yourself?!

Go for it radicals and enjoy.

Madeleine xo

insta: @madeleine_stamer

26 August 2013

Overdue Update and Pop Up News!

Hello, I have had an embarrassingly long break from the blog. I won't bore you to tears about why I've given the blog a wide birth (I don't even have a good excuse anyways!) and without going into length about my 'can't remember my blogger password' saga I can simply say all is good in little birdsville world and I finally have access to my blogger account! I have had an incredibly busy and productive year thus far working from the comfort of home, ah the luxury of working from home is THE BEST! I've also been very lucky to collaborate with some really admirable creatives this year, some projects yet to be revealed but I look forward to sharing soon. If you want to keep up to date with recent adventures check out my instagram feed, it is probably the main reason for my lengthy blog absence.

Next week I'm joining magical Pop Up forces with my good buddy Dawn Tan along with a group of creative friends for a two week long Pop Up event at MSG Gallery, Brighton. On Saturday 7 September we are celebrating a 'Pop Up Within A Pop Up' for one day only! We've invited some extra special guests along who'll be selling their special wares for your shopping pleasure, details to be announced. Come visit us!

Check out our Facebook event page for updates.

Pop Up Shop
2 - 14 September
MSG Gallery
126 Bay Street, Brighton Melbourne

06 November 2012

newbies and markit

It's Melbourne Cup day and we have miserably failed our challenge of moving into the new house, boring, boo, crappers. Not wanting to sound like a donald doubter but I new it was unrealistic to think we would be moved and settled by today. Looks like we need another 3 more weeks and then we'll be in. We have been seriously set back by crappy plastering issues but I wont bore you with detail. On the flip side I am exicedly gearing up for Markit at Federation Square on the 25th of Novemeber, it's going to be a ripper. I've just fired a batch of lovely heart pendants in the kiln and they are looking summery and shiny, ready to wear! I'll also have a few new surprises available closer to Markit day just in time for Christmas. Have you seen the new Markit flyer designed by the lovely Dawn Tan especially for this upcoming event?! She's even included one of my dove prints, so so special and I also spy some of my favs: Emily Green, Swiden and Victoria Mason, sweeeet petunias! Thanks Dawn xo

Sunday 25th Nov 2012, 10am–5pm 
The Atrium & BMW Edge Theatre, 
Federation Square Melbourne

16 October 2012

a skulk of foxes X madeleine stamer

I'm pinching myself that I had the opportunity to design a range of limited edition silver jewels with dynamic duo Nat and Andrew Cirillo of A Skulk Of Foxes fame. I love all their past and present work, I love our range and I love them too. I want to wear every piece at once and dangle them from head to toe like a fancy gypsy lady. The heart bud studs are my fav. Thanks Nat and Andrew for a magic collaboration. Pssst I was alerted today by ever observant Ms Dawn Tan that Frankie mag is doing a heart bud stud giveaway via their newsletter this week!!! Be in it to win it xo

09 October 2012

studio bits

Invested studio time is beginning to pay off. I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline and looking forward to sharing here. I was notified last week that I was accepted for Markit late November which I really, really enjoyed doing back in May. I have some new products that I've been working on that I'll drag along with me on Markit day! The reno is typically dragging on but we have a deadline set for completion on Melbourne Cup Day, actually the challenge is to be moved in, settled and cranking up the b.b.q by that stage, WHATEVER! In the meantime here's a couple of little projects I've been working on... the old plates gained a facelift with a new batch of brush tip Sharpies. So, so lovely to use on a high gloss surface and a super cheap way to add a bit of custom sparkle to your kitchen walls.