15 June 2009

New Prints

In the next week or so I'll be adding 4 new limited edition giclee prints to my bigcartel shop. The original work was made for my bob boutique show which ends this Thursday. Big thanks again to all the lovelies who helped promote the show and to all the peeps who made the trip up to Bendigo. Big shout out to Mick n' Dick and Sally n' Gracie who travelled all the way up via the v/line express, what a massive effort. Bit sad to farewell bob boutique, Sonia has been a gem. Maybe later in the year you'll see a bit more of my work at Bob's. After my show ends apparently the next exhibition features local artists from the Bender's region, plenty of good country talent to check out!

blue girl
black swan

bird on cross

1 comment:

Lu said...

love 'bird on cross'... i've just been stimulated by k-rudd so i may be in the market for one of those (if i ever manage to get a wall of my own to hang it on)!
also love the rest of your work maddi... i think your best pieces are little W. and baby A. (mum made me write that ;)