11 June 2009

Big Girls Bed

We finally did the bed swap... Wilhelmina moved into her big bed on the weekend and Ada graduated into the cot. The girls have adapted to their new slumber spots quite well, surprisingly!

We were a little worried about W jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to explore her room as she is usually quite bold and adventurous. So far she stays put comforted by her new doona and fluffy pillows. She looks SO small in such a big bed. She calls out to us in the morning when she's awake but she dares not step off on her own. Hopefully she wont get the urge to party too much with her new freedom to explore! Wilhelmina spotted Karl taking Ada's wicker bassinet out to the shed and told him to "put it in the bin now daddy" in a very serious voice. I don't think my sister would be too happy, she generously loaned it to us and it has been a warm little nest for all her five children (yes five!)

In the pics below you may notice we replaced all the little art works/light and other nic nacs on her wall with her big family portrait (pre Ada). She used to pull everything down and pick all the blutak off and play with it in bed. Drove me crazy! Cheeky monkey.

Before: Wilhelmina's old cot

After: Wilhelmina's BIG bed

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