16 June 2009


Gerry's Milk bar is our favorite local food joint, bar none. Karl and I don't eat out too often and when we do make the effort you expect to at least enjoy your meal and get a little value for money yet all too often you're let down and made to feel rather unwelcome when you bring the kidlets along. Not so with Gerry's and fortunately for us Gerry's is only 10 mins down the road heading West towards Elwood, so we don't have to hike to the other side of the city to get a good feed and we can whip the kids back home in time for naps. It is a local institute formally an old corner milk bar, it has a wonderful retro atmosphere with a lovely old lolly cabinet that has a stock pile of sugary favs such as fads (formally fags before the politically correct days), teeth, choc bullets and plenty of old school yum-yums, Ahhh dreamy! The menu is decent with plenty of tasty treats on offer, apparently the coffee is good but I prefer the hot chockies and the service is always warm and friendly. The best part of the Gerry's experience is that they're not allergic to kids and they make you and the tribe feel welcome and relaxed, which is a bit of a rarity at times, oh and they have the best courtyard complete with funky decking and loads of kids toys! Walk 2 minutes down the road and you're at the beach, Heaven...
I couldn't resist adding this pic of Ada, she was so exhausted after her big outing that she fell asleep in her car seat as soon as I turned the engine on, she looked like an adorable little egg all curled up!

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