18 January 2012


I have a proper good time studio!!! I've waited a very LONG time, like serious years and it hasn't just happened overnight either, no really it hasn't. Finally we merged the girls together and they are sleeping semi harmoniously in a bunk situation. I scored Wilhelmina's old room and I am no longer competing with a double bed and other delightful bedroom attire nor am I bound to a metre by metre space. I can spread out, accommodate a Mac (if I desire) or just keep it old school with the essential brush, inks, paints and pens. Yep, I make the rules. The kids think it's a bit of a novelty and keep rifling through my treasured good bits so I'm buckling a bit and thinking of adding a mini kidlet corner so we can make art side by side, maybe... At the moment I'm savouring every moment and enjoying my new found creative solitude. There's nothing like your own special space, very liberating indeedy xo

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