24 January 2012


The girls bedroom has officially become funtown. Since losing their individual rooms and me gaining my lady studio we've crammed all their girly gear together in Ada's old room. Ada and Wilhelmina helped transform the room into a colourama maximus major. We bought a cheap Ikea bunk which scrubbed up nicely once the girls strategically placed their blankys, it now doubles up as a neat little cave cubby. Admittedly we were scared to merge them together, Ada was still occasionally 'sleeping in' (sometimes until (9.00am) but since Wilhelmina claimed her space she tends to disrespectfully wake Ada up as soon as she decides to rise, I guess the dream couldn't last... It's interesting how they kind of respect each others space, this was never the case when they slept in separate rooms, they were always planning sneaky raids and sabotaging each others bits and bobs. Although settling them at night can be a dreaded struggle it's nice to see them enjoying each others company and funny to eavesdrop on their super cute conversations. One thing to say about bunks, they are THE WORST to maintain, I've almost given up on making Wilhelmina's bed (she's up top) I'm turning a blind eye to all her collections, books, boxes and general clutter. Anyway she's old enough to make her own bed but I do dread each time I have to change the sheets, it's literally backbreaking work!  

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