09 January 2012


day 1
1 year
Our beautiful little Ada Clementine turned 3 the other week. Three years ago, about a week and a half prior to her due date my body switched over to 'baby is coming out NOW' mode and I began psyching myself up for the arrival of a Boxing Day baby. Ada decided to hang on a little longer and to my relief arrived in the wee hours of the morning after Boxing Day at 1.13am. Hospital was a good experience, it was relatively quiet and relaxed because of the Christmas and New Year period which meant a room to myself with personal ensuite, not bad for a small public hospital. Fast forward 3 years and we are coping relatively fine with our epic German Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, birthday event extravaganza. It is back to back, full on family festivity frenzy! I wouldn't have it any other way and we are super blessed to have a cuddly, snuggly, happy, adventurous, imaginative, creative, talkative, brave, long legged, finger sucking, curly topped, mono dimpled, cheeky and loving daughter. I can't bare to think what life would be like without our little family. Even though most days we are handed our fair share of micro challenges (if you have ACTIVE, stubborn, hypo children like we do you'll give a quiet nod to that) but at the end of each day, once all the hoopla settles and our little darlings are pushing out zeds (after a lengthy and exhausting bed time battle most nights) you'll usually find me (almost immediately) kicking back, flicking through picks of the kids on my iphone grinning like a damn Cheshire cat. Happy 3 years baby Ada, we LOVE you xox

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