13 February 2012

february stuff

Streuth it's been super busy. Family stuff, work stuff, basic everyday trying to keep up with life stuff. The start of every new year is always jam packed which is not fair when everyone has been in holiday mode for weeks then you cruelly have to switch over to super-fast-pace-crazy mode, i don't like it. Give me slow any day. While I've been trying to keep up we've been super excited in stamerville with the start of prep for wilhelmina. She's been chomping at the bit to start school and I'm glad to say she is loving it, there were no tears (from either of us) and so far it's been smooth sailing... let's hope it lasts! The weather has been predictably unpredictable for melbourne but I couldn't resist buying a beautiful vintage mexican dress for the remaining sunny summer days, a proper traditional one all the way from mexico. If you're lucky you can spot the occasional goodie on etsy. I love it so much and wonder who made it and wore it over the years. It brings me many smiles and I hope whoever parted with it enjoyed their time with it too. I had to keep up with the bold colour and gots me 'jump start' bright orange nail polish from kit, their rainbow colour range is magic! My clever early years educator buddy Emily gave the girls a mysterious little bag of tiny coloured balls, to their astonishment they expand to marble size by adding water over 4 hours. The kids love feeling them but I have to admit they rather feel like wet, rubbery eye balls and I'm starting to find them all over the house, strict new rules need to be applied. I do highly recommend them if you have children that have an obsession for water play plus they're non toxic and keep for weeks even months. I'm starting to notice more and more random kid drawings, art works and collections around the house. Wilhelmina and Ada are taking it upon themselves to display their creations but like any other mother I don't appreciate the playdoh patties pressed onto textured surfaces, they're damn hard to remove. I love seeing their work around the home but find it tricky sorting out the keepers from their stockpile, they are so goddamn prolific we simply can't accommodate everything! I had an awesome ebay auction score the other week, I purchased wonderhorse for $27!!! Even though we really don't have the space I've managed to temporarily squeeze it into the back room much to karls annoyance. There has been secret talk about moving recently, GASP yes moving on from our 17 years in our lovely humble home. I was sad about this initially but I'm coming round to the idea of onwards, upwards and hopefully outwards for more space. As discussions unfold I will update over the coming weeks and months.
I've been working on a little business card job for the lovely ladies at maiike plus I recently supplied them with a stack of new stock, please drop by and see their gorgeous children's range and dreamy homewares. Lastly, this week we're celebrating mums 75th birthday milestone, we're going to have a big one! Mums birthday falls on valentines day, a special day for my family but not for the obvious reasons. Mum deserves hearts and big love year round xox

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