24 December 2011

december fun times

Zia McCabe with tatts!
Where did the last few weeks sneak to?! It's the day before Christmas, it's a summery hot Melbourne day, the shopping is done, the kids are having down time before we celebrate Christmas German style tonight with Mr Karl's family. Another dose of present opening tomorrow morning with yummy croissants from our local Aviv bakery for brecky then we head off to my sisters for a BIG family food fest and possibly more present opening, salty crackle then a walk to the park to get the system back into order. Fun times.
The year has been full of personal and family highlights, various low lights (minimal thank goodness) predominantly balanced with good times, decent health and a sprinkling of good humour to get through the tricky bits.
Throughout 2011 I have made and met wonderful creative friends from internetland out there in the REAL world! I've been blessed to work on some amazingly cool jobs and collaborations via the BEST agency in the world (Thanks Jeremy and JW team!) I have had a great year teaching with amazing staff and students plus I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dawn Tan mid year. I've seen my Mr Karl's business go from strength to strength and I'm ever so proud of him! I've been lucky enough to be involved in many Design Files projects and I am forever indebted to Lucy Feagins and Jenny Butler for giving me such wonderful opportunities (thank you x 1 million and more) I am very grateful to everyone who has supported my work and spent their hard earned dollars buying my prints and other goodies. I am thrilled to have received lovely random emails out of the blue from people of all walks of life, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. Major thrill was when Zia McCabe from The Dandy Warhols emailed to tell me she has two of my images tattooed on her forearm, super cool! I am very proud of my families achievements, big and small. Wilhelmina has graduated from kinder and starts Prep in 2012, Ada turns the big 3 two days after Christmas and my niece Gracie completed VCE with flying colours, YAY! Thank you to everyone who has dropped by my blog throughout the year, I apologise for my lax writing style and thank you for persevering and returning to read my sporadic updates. I know the trappings of Christmas and ridiculous indulgence weighs heavy, but I do my best to keep things in perspective and cherish everyday with my loved ones and look forward to seeing them soaking up all the best magical bits that this crazy time of year offers. I dearly hope you and yours have a safe and peaceful Christmas, spare a thought for those doing it tough. Ease into the new year with plenty good times. Stay safe. See you in 2012 xo

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