27 August 2011

BIG Kids Magazine

Recently I've been collaborating on something new, exciting and totally brave with two clever ladies geographically based opposite ends of Australia. Jo Pollitt and Lilly Blue are the amazing tag team behind the soon to be released, real deal printed goodness in the palm of your hands BIG Kids magazine aimed at creative kids and adults! The BIG Kids magazine site is beautifully illustrated by Lilly Blue herself, the opening animation is magic and keep an eye on their blog for updates and progress leading up to the excitement of the magazines release. Lilly and Jo kindly invited me to be the inaugural feature artist which means loads of special art for you, the reader. When edition #1 aptly named "First Flight' hits our shores September 30th 2011 you will find a neatly folded special something inside for each reader plus if you subscribe before Monday 12th September you will be in the draw to win an original work on paper by me, YAY! I created 'Blue Dream Flight' especially for the magazine, it's BIG and lovely, painted on beautiful hand pressed 56 x 76cm Arches watercolour paper, valued at $770 and it could be yours, all YOURS! Check out the gorgeous current edition of Maeve magazine, firstly because it is a fabulous read anyway and secondly because Maeve is supporting the launch of BIG Kids magazine and has a beaut feature about the giveaway. I'm really truly thrilled to be part of this special project and excited to get my hands on a copy. Please support this wonderful new papery delight and subscribe your little heart away to BIG Kids mag, it's a proper good investment either way xo

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