28 August 2011

Made By Mosey giveaway

See that amazing quilt above?! Madeleine Sargent the clever lass behind Made By Mosey label lovingly and graciously made it for a great cause and it could be yours! I secretly want it for myself and I'm going to enter this enticing competition because in my own little way I'm going to be helping a very needy cause. Madeleine is very gently encouraging us to donate some dollars to Unicef which in turn will help ease the troubles faced in East Africa due to drought, famine and conflict. As Madeleine so poetically puts it, we are SO, so lucky to live in this beautiful country of ours and interestingly enough if everyone in Australia donated 10c it would total 2 million dollars, 20c 4 million dollars! Read all about it on Madeleine's blog and be in it to win it by Wednesday August 31st. A lot of us do it tough and struggle to keep our heads above water but we'll hopefully never know what it's like to live under such hostile conditions. 

A little bit wont hurt, please give xox

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