19 August 2011

July flashback

 beth emily (and lovely finance!)
 'I am what I eat' Dawn Tan at Carbon Black gallery
Dawn Tan residency (So much fun xo)
 Emily Green @ DMT
 eness @ DMT (truly amazing!)
 Morgan Wills @ DMT

Here is a bunch of random stuff that occurred during the lovely month of July. It included a 2 week visit from Missy the staffy, my birthday, a trip to Design Made Trade (favourite DMT highlights above), Dawn Tan residency at the school I teach at (BTW did you know Dawn conducts highly recommended home art sessions for kids!?), a visit to Dawn's excellent show at Carbon Black gallery, photographing my favourite local gate, finally getting a heap of overdue framing done but now left with no wall space to hang anything and working hard on pending projects and collaborations such as the Maeve/BIG Kids magazine original painting giveaway! Fortunately the Stamer family has dodged major winter lurgies, having said that, Wilhelmina dealt with a nasty ear infection and last month and little Ada ended up in emergency for severe digestive issues but we are dealing with that problemo the best we can. All in all life is good, busy, jam packed and preparing for sweet scented Spring days, bring on the better weather already!

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