05 September 2011

New Old Birds

I have loved making these lasercut birds, the bright rainbow colours are right up my alley plus they make me SO happy to see them dangling around the home and I get an even BIGGER buzz when they fly the coupe and perch themselves with a new family. My intentions have always been to produce them as limited edition pieces as well as having them made locally and never ever mass produced and I'll NEVER alter those plans. Sadly though it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride to have them made over the last few months, I had to search high and low for a new lasercutter replacement and I almost gave up with crazy inflated manufacturing costs which didn't make it worth while to continue, seriously it was getting to the point I was making a couple of dollars profit, if that! You see, over the last couple of years I had the pleasure of getting a lovely lasercutting man to take care of the messing side of making these little fellas, he was totally ACE to work with and was a true gentleman with magic spirit and enthusiasm. Sadly and unexpectedly he passed away in June. I was really shocked when I heard the news and terribly sad for his family. He was a good man who helped bring my birds to life and took much time, care and effort to do an excellent, honest and reliable job. The long and the short of it I have found a good temporary lasercutter and now have a lovely new batch of colours ready to spread their wings, but it just isn't the same anymore without my legendary loyal lasercutter.  My new batch of birdies are an ode to my man George. Rest in peace xox 

*Thank you to my gorgeous Wilhelmina who enthusiastically modelled the new batch of mobiles, sorry to crop your beautiful face. Love Mum

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