06 June 2011

With June comes Winter

June popped up out of nowhere, it seriously did. I turned over my DF calendar May page and lo and behold there was my Prahran image looking back at me. Melbourne has been experiencing a beautiful late Autumn, the colours are exceptional and truly inspiring. I enjoyed reading this article in The Age recently which explains the explosion of vivid autumn awesomeness right here in Melbourne. I tend not to look at the papers but this article was worth the read. I've been super busy particularly at the school  where I teach art part time. We have a special evening event this Wednesday which means a lot of art making and running around. It's all good though and I've been lucky to work with an amazing Year 11 student from Canada for the last two weeks who has been a brilliant support, I'm going to miss Miss Fiona when she goes home.  The students have loved working with Miss Fiona and created beautiful art during her stay. 

I kept my promise and met mum and my sister to pick out some wool for my scarf making extravaganza, I haven't knitted for ages. Wilhelmina had a massive public meltdown in the shop due to a horrible restless night prior. She was exhausted and let it rip, tears and all. The behaviour was quite irrational but rather entertaining, the ordeal ended on a happy note with big hugs and kisses from mum and many strange looks from the customers. I started my scarf but it has to be the most boring looking piece of knit you could lay your eyes on, mums scarf that she is making for my sister is outstanding. That's where we differ. Mum has an amazing logical and brilliant mathematical mind. I, on the other hand am a little lazy, impatient and like quick success. Ironically mum has pretty much finished her complicated design and I am struggling to complete 10 or so lines. I'll be done by next winter me thinks. On the weekend we ventured over the big bridge and strolled around lovely Yarraville, we met our friends The Cookies and watched our kids romp in the park. We stumbled upon Hausfrau, Karl liked the German reference (his father was German) The food was good and it was enjoyable watching all the locals zipping by. The girls were blown away by massive Marty the local great dane. Round the corner we dropped into Cattanache Bazaar, it's one of the those quaint little places which I almost wasn't going to enter (thinking too hard with the 2 little girls wanting to touch everything) but I'm glad we did. It is stocked with loads of memorabilia and sweet treasures plus a cute cat. I discovered the blog A.C Journal that features Cattanache Bazaar, take a looksy. I'm in the process of making more cards and some other little treats. Without giving too much away I am participating in a little pop up shop in August in the Melbourne CBD with some lady legends. Looking forward to posting more on that soon.

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