14 June 2011

Long Weekend


Our weekend and start to the week consisted of art, a lot of it. On Sunday we visited the Abbotsford Convent to see work by my friend Naomi Eller at c3 contemporary art space. Unfortunately the show finished on the weekend but we were lucky to make it before it closed. There was some really neat things happening under the one roof. I loved Naomi's soft muted colours and intriguing ceramic figurines, it made me get a little sentimental about my old ceramic days. We pushed the limits with out 15 minute car spot (unless you want to pay for parking they are pretty rare in that vicinity) The girls did a runner down a grassy knoll and declined to follow me back to the car, I looked a right knob pleading with them to come back trying to convince them that we'll get a parking fine if they don't hot foot it. Once they complied we upped the pace doing a fast tracked tour around the building taking in the beautiful architecture of the old convent. A bit of trivia, my mum has a lovely Victorian side cupboard affectionately known as the nuns cabinet. After telling mum about our outing she informed me that she and dad had purchased the cabinet at an auction on site at the convent many, many moons ago. Well there you go, a slice of nun action in my mums house! On the way home we made prior arrangements to view work by Kirra Jamison at her amazing home/studio, take a looksy at her home tour on The Design Files, tis a dream studio abode. I made a worthy decision to re-invest my hard earned print sales into a new art work even though we don't really have any wall space left. I'm bowled over by Kirra's work, it has strong folky sentiment combined with an amass of kaleidoscope colour, perfection! Added bonus that she is super cute and sweet, exuding good vibes all round. Come Monday, a public holiday here in Melbs, the girls were exhausted so we took things easy at home. While Ada slept in the afternoon, Wilhelmina created a movable split pin person. We recycled some old cardboard and Wilhelmina went to town creating separate limbs. I assisted with the cutting and piercing the body bits. I left her alone to do the painting and came back gobsmacked, the facial detail blew me away! What a difference good quality brushes make and a good dose of concentration. She was mighty chuffed with her creation. Today we added the hair. Look out, she wants to make a whole family next. 

My pals Ms Cinti and Pilgrim are off on their long awaited adventure to Japan tomorrow (volcanic muck please shift course) Cintia, the crafty goddess kindly asked me to babysit her blog for a day, that day being tomorrow, double gulp! My Poppet is one of my favourite local blogs so naturally I jumped at the invite, fingers crossed I don't bore her switched on crafty followers. It's just one day you'll have to put up with me, promise xo


Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

thanks Maddie, I've scheduled your post for saturday, can you wait that long?
xx cinti

The Beetle Shack said...

oh my, you went to kirra jamisons home studio? im green with envy! I have actually just written a little post about about her for my 'get in line' thingie. Her work is yummy. I need some.

xo thanks for hitting me back

The Beetle Shack said...

also, your post will be a delight on my poppet. I look forward to it showing up on my little feeder thing.