23 May 2011

Sore little pig

Off to the vet
 Owen, post op 
Wilhelmina's painting
I've been laying low with sickness, in fact the entire household came down with the lurgy. This is my worst nightmare having no back-up for help, no chance for r & r, round the clock tears, coughing, vomiting and general exhaustion. Karl has had the man flu, to be fair he's been hit pretty hard, I've been battling bronchitis, Ada has an ear infection and incessant coughing and Wilhelmina is NQR. Even the pets required special attention. Last week I discovered our 6 month old guinea pig Owen had a foggy eye, to cut a long story short he had a nasty ulcer that needed to be removed, pronto. He now has to stay inside for 2 weeks wearing an elizabethan collar and requires a daily dab of antibiotic cream on his stitched eye. I'm struggling to keep the collar on and dislike applying the cream. I didn't realise how active guinea pigs were during the night, they munch and crunch constantly. The vet bill ruined any chances of a new winter wardrobe upgrade. I have decided to knit myself a new scarf to soften the blow. In between all the madness Wilhelmina and I sat side by side and painted a few new images to help calm our nerves. 

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robyn said...

Despite not being well, these paintings look beautiful Maddie!!