10 May 2011


I don't like buying into all the fuss that surrounds Mothers Day. For me, the day is made special  when celebrating with family and appreciating what we have and who we get to share it with. I am extremely blessed to have a precious mum, a loving Mother in Law,  two amazing sisters and two very special sister in laws who are all incredible mothers. All the children within our family totally adore each other. Life doesn't get much better. My mothers day was made extra special with extended time in bed, Ada sleeping in till 9.20am, Karl and Wilhelmina making breakfast, sitting with the kids at their little table devouring bacon and eggs and admiring a sprig of handpicked flowers/weeds from the garden. The family took it slow and cruised through the morning with pajamas on. Later in the day we shared cake, treats and laughs with my side of the family. We had afternoon tea at my brother and sister in laws house which is always stockpiled with delicious food, drink and laughter. Mum is a little out of sorts at the moment but she made a big effort as always. Knowing how fragile mums health is, it's times like this that we can all get together and simply be with each other, sharing tales, reminiscing and appreciating the moment. This week I had a massive proud mum moment when we received notice that Wilhelmina was accepted into Prep for next year. Being a working mother and practicing artist certainly has it's curly moments but it is always outweighed by a simple smile, warm cuddles, wet kisses and strange facial graffiti that only kids do with perfection. Motherhood and parenting has it's pinnacle moments xo


MCookie said...

The Cookies agree with all your wise mumma sentiments. Many people could do with a wee lesson in 'the simple things in life'. Your day looked perfect. We are certainly very fortunate mummas. :) xxxx

Kate said...

Agreed, looks like you had a wonderful day and I hope you're Mother is feeling stronger.
Congrats to Wilhelmina x