03 May 2011

May Already!

Wow, the months are flying, Easter has come and gone and the coldness is setting in. May is a busy month here in little birdsville, there's lots of little things to be done plus it's Mr Karls 40th in a couple of weeks. Sadly he don't wanna party... I am working on a celebration of sorts, tres tricky though considering he's completely dead against it. In the meantime here are a few little things that we've been up to, the girls handpainted and sewed cushions. Wilhelmina made her own 'do do' just before she pushed the sewing machine off the table, don't ask. A recent happy discovery namely Rocket and Bear on etsy that I keep returning to, their winter woolies have me under their spell, their lovely goodies are a fine Wintery distraction. Over the next couple of (getting colder, soup making) months Harvest Workroom (also checkout Harvest Textiles) is the place to be, they have a sterling line-up of incredible Melbourne Artist workshops featuring the likes of super dooper talented Liz Jones a.k.a Betty Jo, Leila Sanderson, Emily Green, Dawn Tan and Beci Orpin just to name a good few, shivers I'm out of breath with excitement! Check out what's on offer and make a booking fast here. My god Melbourne rocks the socks off! Lastly I think I'm heading towards heart failure courtesy of my current addiction to  Oriville Redenbacher's chocolate drizzled poppycock. I really have to stop myself, curse you Target for stocking it!


Kate said...

I wouldn't have guessed that Karl was nearing 40! He must have terrific moisturiser - will he tell me which one? ; )

Madeleine Stamer said...

You're too kind Kate. His beauty regime consists of fresh air and eating peanuts.