05 April 2011

Weekly reflection

Gallery Ranfurlie at Korowa
I've finally got round to putting up some highlights of setting up and work on display from my Korowa show. Unfortunately the show came and went in a matter of 4 days, blink and you would have missed it but if you got the chance to take a look I hope you enjoyed the work and I send you virtual hugs and kisses for your support. Since the show I've released some new open edition prints that were released as originals in the show, you can pick some up for $30 from my bigcartel shop or Etsy, there's no difference between the two online services except my bigcartel shop has a whole lot more on offer. I also just released GIANT timber birds (approx 60 x 32cm) available only from my bigcartel shop, check out my sterling Emily Green necklace in the giant bird photo, it brings me much joy it also reminds me of fruit loops. Funnily enough I met Emily at the recent Melbourne Finders keepers market and she informed me that she used to teach art to my darling niece Clare, too sweet! BTW Emily is a massive cutie, you know when you pick up good vibes when you meet someone for the first time?! She's got it going on for sure. 

I posted pics above of the massive mural I completed over the summer break. It was a commission I undertook for Korowa's Junior school. It is about 5.5 metres long but I confess I created the original image on a much smaller scale with brush and ink and a touch of vintage wallpaper and confetti for good measure. The school used a third party to have it printed and installed on large scale vinyl panels. I was actually really impressed with the printing quality and durability, I must find out the product name/company deets for future reference.

Lastly, if you're in Sydney over the next two weeks please hop along to the opening of Animal Noun Collective at Gaffa Gallery, you'll see some of my bird clusters amongst other curious creatures and I'm excited to be exhibiting along side of one of my fav illustrators and buddy Kate Banazi, I'm looking forward to seeing her work, she's a screen printing colour genius. It's a good thing to dedicate a show to animals, lots of them. Have a great week. I'm off to Tasmania soon!


Kate said...

Hello Melbourne Buddy! The Korowa show looks beautiful, really wish I lived in Melbourne... or a t least a little closer.

My screenprint for the Noun collective didnt got to plan at all. At All. Oh woe is me.
I'll pop down on Thursday and take pics for you xxx

Leeyong said...

Great to see some images from the show, which I regretted that I missed! And I'm going to pop over to your shop later too...

Hilary Blackwood said...

Just found your blog all the way from Alabama! Can't wait to explore it more!

Madeleine Stamer said...

Thanks for visiting Hilary, hope all is well on your side of the world xo

handmade romance said...

omg! the wall mural looks amazing.
i must get ready for work so will be back to continue reading : )