20 April 2011

Touring Tasmania, Stamer style

The Maker, Salamanca Place
Love & Clutter, Hobart
 Love & Clutter interior
view of Mount Wellington from our apartment steps
 Mount Wellington warning
 Mount Wellington
walking Mount Wellington pinnacle
 Ada walking Mount Wellington
Wilhelmina's take on Andy Goldsworthy
 balloon man at Salamanca Market
 funny juggling man at Salamanca Market
 Salamanca Place
 apple seller at Salamanca Market
Louise from Door 56, Battery Point
 Jackman & McRoss pastries, Battery Point
 delicious opera cake 
 Nutgrove Beach playground, Sandy Bay
 strange and rare Mercedes van parked in Salamanca Place
MONA entrance
Me, Mr Karl and the kids were overdue for a holiday. Other than little weekend getaways we truly hadn't travelled somewhere special as a family, ever! We decided to venture to Hobart, Tasmania, take the car across on the ferry and stay somewhere real nice. We did all that in fine form and I am glad to report that it was a magical little holiday albeit with a few girly tantrums thrown in (from the kids not me, although Mr Karl would dispute that). I truly love Tassie to the extent that I'd be most keen to make the move there. Karl and I were lucky to 'honeymoon' there 8 years ago and I have been dead keen to return ever since. I won the argument to stay in a rather posh apartment in Battery Point, well worth every hard earned penny (big thanks to my brother Peter for the recommendation)  It was perfectly situated behind Salamanca Place with slight views to Mount Wellington. Everyday we literally strolled down the historic Kelly Steps to Salamanca Place onto the waterfront. We gorged ourselves silly on delicious pastries from Jackman & McRoss (thanks Nerida for letting me take photos of your drool worthy sweet treats) I swiftly became smitten with the opera cake which satisfied my richest sweet tooth desires. I even smuggled some back to Melbourne which I devoured in small portions whilst tackling the ungodly task of unpacking. Basically we did everything at our finger tips, daily walks, markets, city strolls, short car drive to Mount Wellington (phenomenal rock formations and stunning scenery), we visited cool playgrounds (thanks Hammonds for the tip off), cruised slowly through the streets admiring the dreamy historic homes, marvelled at the gorgeous views and made serendipitous discoveries. The car trip back to Devonport was a highlight in itself.

On day 5, our final day in Tassie we excitedly drove to David Walsh's MONA (read a little more about this fascinating man here), the kids reactions inside the gallery were an added bonus so was the free entry! We thoroughly enjoyed viewing the saucy collection and also relieved to receive X rated warnings from the friendly staff, that's when Karl and I took separate routes. Kids and Karl went one way leaving the serious adult viewing for my eyes only. At one stage we abandoned the pram in the middle of an open space which caused a stir leaving visitors a little baffled and unsure whether it was part of an installation or not. I swear this really happened, when we returned for the pram the amused gallery staff told us that they were approached by several curious people who demanded to know if the pram was part of the artwork. MONA deserves a full dedicated post but for now enjoy the pics, apologies for the poor quality as most were taken without a flash with the iphone.

When we drove back to Devonport I was keen to detour off the main highway and check out the little towns and lovely old homes and architecture, unfortunately it's tricky stopping on a whim with young kids, the dreaded buckling and unbuckling of seat belts kills me, particularly when kids resist, buck and protest. Hats off to Mr Karl who did a fine job driving (patience of a saint) giving me the chance to swoon over all the wondrous roadside oddities and architectural delights. We were lucky to experience smooth sailing on our return trip on the ferry but I wasn't as pleased on our way over. I hardly slept a wink as we travelled by night, panicking each time the ferry rode massive roller coaster waves. I'm a quiet and private panicker and I don't like experiencing terror beyond my control, personally I think travelling across cold, deep open oceans isn't natural. I quietly tossed and turned most of the night thinking crazy thoughts when I should have shut down like the rest of the unaffected snoozey heads. It didn't help when I heard alarms going off in the distance and awful industrial screeches and moaning metal from down below where our little car was sleeping. It sounded like a ghost ship. I swear I doused myself with a whole bottle of rescue remedy, didn't do a thing, obviously I need something much, much stronger.

Coincidentally my favourite Melbourne go-to site The Design Files happens to be featuring beloved Tasmania all week, make sure you refresh the page up top to update all the loveliness. GO Tassie go, you little ripper! You certainly are the flavour flav of the month.

Oh by the way, below are my Hobart highlights and links (in no particular order), obvious choices but well worth the mention, all kid friendly and a stones throw from Hobart, very achievable folks. Feel free to contact me if you want some Hobart tips and please send me your suggestions which I'll add to the list below.  The only lo lights was losing my lens cap to my relatively new camera but worse of all was the unfortunate incident involving our 2 year old Ada falling off the top bunk in the ferry cabin resulting in a nasty bruise across her little cheek, it could have been a lot worse. Don't ask me how it happened in such a teeny weeny space, luckily the crying was all over in a matter of minutes after a taste of Tassie fudge which helped softened the blow. 

I've put up a full set of holiday happy snaps on flickr. Enjoy!

*Apologies for the lack of links relating to the below sites, I'm a little baffled why these wonderful places don't have more web presence...

The Maker 
(locally handmade goodness and homewares)
Shop 005 Salamanca Arts Centre

Love & Clutter 
(beaut tip off from Liz, also stocks Betty Jo, yay!)
31 Murray Street, Hobart
03 6224 2222

(thank you Chris Hogan for the suggestion)
nature at its best, brilliant views, incredible landscape, walking trails, amazing weather changes in an instant!

Jackman & McRoss Bakery 
(pastries to die for, see above)
57-59 Hampden Road
Battery Point, Hobart
03 62233186

Door 56 
(lovely homewares, co-owned by local designer Louise Gourlay)
56 Hampden Road, Battery Point

I don't drink tea or coffee but it was a decent little place to recharge with an ice chocolate and yum meringues

 located in Sandy Bay, couldn't pull the kids away! (another tip off from the Hammonds)

(for the benefit of the kids)

(seasonal art & design market)
Worth checking out for local artists and designers.

- simply walk around the streets and take in the local history and beautiful homes.

typical old school market fun, food and goodness (every Saturday)

Also checkout
The Design Files 
Hobart Shopping Guide


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oh oh oh thanks for all of this lovley tassie inspiration. i really must get me on down there!!

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ooh I've just found you and i'm pretty sure im TOTALLY in love with your blog! MONA- i have got to go there. I'm pleased to read a positive review (more please) as some of my tight wad friends were slightly offended by the content.

im following, then im going through your archives baby (and then to your etsy store)

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