28 March 2011

Finders Keepers Highlights

Wilhelmina with her chalk posse
Whoa, I can't believe I made it through the week in one piece, truth be told I do feel kinda broken and I have a rather ginger foot which has been bothering me longer than I like to admit. I anticipated a BUSY week with the opening of my show Tuesday evening, parent teacher interviews at work which equals long days plus the preparation and setting up for Finders Keepers added to the burden. I also got the motherly guilts not being about for the kids most of the weekend which makes for a heavy heart. Luckily Mr Karl came to the rescue and looked after the Little Circus Design booth for most of Sunday while I stayed at home with the girls, it did me a world of good plus I think he enjoyed a touch of market mingling. I can't rave enough about my market neighbours Cuff Off and Dick and Dora, we made for a good trio and had a few decent bouts of laughs. Humongous thanks to our family, friends and supporters who braved the Grand Prix traffic congestion and found their way to Shed4, it is located in a most tricky and mysterious part of Docklands, particularly if you don't know that neck of the woods, don't ever wander around there at night, alone! Late Sunday before closing I had a bout of energy so I took off and grabbed a few shots of some of the market treasures (too many to mention I could have gone crazy taking photos but unfortunately I was stonkered, visit flickr or facebook if you feel like taking a peek.
I sure am glad the holidays are nearing, I'm hearing you Tasmania!

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