29 January 2011

Holidays #3

Summer holidays officially ended for me last week. Having said that my hols have been jam packed with work related projects. I have just completed 2 huge back to back commissions which kept me out of trouble but it also added numerous grey hairs. I feel liberated having conquered them both. I'll reveal more details soon. A couple of weeks ago my good pal Cooky (hello photo up there with hat on) invited me and the girls to her beloved family shared beach bathing box in Aspendale (try saying that fast!) We naturally jumped at the opportunity. Only a few weeks earlier we were admiring the lucky folk down at Brighton lounging out front of their candy coloured bathing box, we were drooling with envy. It was now our turn to frolic on the sand and playfully race back (at our leisure) to 'the box' and hang in the shade complete with sand free sandwiches and deck chairs, bliss! The beach was dead quiet complete with beautiful clean sand and crystal clear water, we even spotted little fishies in the shallows. The kids had a ball until Wilhelmina had a breakdown and experienced the dreaded salt sting all over her body then Ada had her turn of the grumps due to rubbing suncream into her eyes. Never perfect. Other than that we had a magic experience, thank you Cookies! On the way home we visited my favourite bayside bakery Sunbeam Cakes in Mentone. They make the best traditional donuts with custard and apple filling, omg awesome. Don't expect the round variety, these puppies are more like sweet pasties with delicious glazing. Very good for you. Right next door there's one of those crazy junky $2 type shops but they had the best and cheapest selection of kids stickers and party stuff, we bought a fancy feather mask for $2.50! Take note if you are a parent and need to stock up on birthday loot and sticker bribery this is your one stop shop.

Please don't forget about our fellow Aussies up North who continue to battle the aftermath of flood destruction, I've donated a big print 'Joy all creatures drink' to Art 4 Heart (see more deets below)
FYI the print is special because it is number 1 out of a small edition of 20. It retails for $500 so have a crack and you might bid yourself a bargain plus all proceeds go to The Premiers Disaster Relief appeal.

This third and final auction ends Monday 31 January, please don't diddle daddle and make an offer for a real good cause. xo

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