29 December 2010


Lucky for us we don't live too far from the coast, not that we ever take advantage of it. Admittedly I'm more of a land lover but with the warmer weather coupled with daylight savings we've been hitting the sand every so often in the evening, only if the kids promise to eat all their dinner! I'm not brave enough to venture into the water but Wilhelmina absolutely adores getting drenched. If you live in Melbourne or planning to visit you should definitely take a trip to Brighton beach and check out the oh so pretty bathing boxes. A group of lucky devils were having a sweet little beach party outside their bathing box, complete with pretty cupcakes and love heart balloons. We were just as content drawing in the sand.

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Tam Hess said...

I love your blog! Your work is so whimsical and enchanting. Glad I discovered you!! Maybe someday I will visit Brighton Beach...for now grey, rainy Oregon USA will be the only beach I visit. haha xoxo