08 November 2010

Union Lane

long and smelly
My Uncle Arthur salute
wilhelmina's new trick
The City of Melbs has a great Street art program run by the man of many talents Mr JD Mittman. Recently JD contacted Karl and invited us to contribute work to the ever evolving Union Lane project. I was hesitant at first, actually I was terrified. I'm a solitary worker and prefer to keep my botched up attempts to myself! I was eventually persuaded by Karl and my inner Leo soon took control of my nerves. I must admit I was secretly excited to be able to collaborate with Karl and have a good crack at creating a husband and wifey mural combo. We set off once the kids were settled with grandma Cherie and eventually plonked ourselves in legendary Union Lane, albeit massively pungent with the stench of stinky wee. We knuckled down for 4 and a bit hours battling the wind and looming rain clouds, we hardly came up for fresh air. We actually had a blast working side by side, I think the onlookers thought Karl and I were nuts. As soon as you knew it we were packed up and back home to feed the kids (we did sneak in a scrumptious meal of souvlakis on the way home from Hollywood Palace). After some cuddles the kids reluctantly jumped into the bath then even more reluctantly climbed into bed. Needless to say we were K-n a c k e r e d by days end and stunk of garlic. During the week the girls were also busy collaborating together on their own mural (for the record the old fridge died and was promptly replaced) The new fridge packaging was a hit. Wear and tear coupled with last weeks heavy rains put an end to the cardboard box shenanigans, it soon resembled crushed paper pulp. It was fun while it lasted. 

If you're in the CBD take a stroll down Union Lane and check things out!

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Anonymous said...

tres kewl Mads and Karl. Great catching up today. Bro.