04 November 2010

The Design Files 2011 Neighbourhood Calendar

Kat Chadwick's beloved Collingwood featuring Chopper
Prahran with a sprinkling of Windsor
I'm not bad at keeping secrets but I've been BUSTING to share this one for weeks and I almost leaked it a few times but finally I can take a deep breath and announce The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar 2011 was officially released today! The excitement began several weeks earlier when I was contacted by lovely lady Lucy Feagins who very kindly invited me to take part in this seriously cool project, hey who wouldn't want to share pages with the likes of Kat Macleod, Webuyyourkids, Marcela Restrepo, Beci Orpin and Good Wives and Warriors?! (just to name drop a few!) Mr Jacky Winter himself, Jeremy Wortsman orchestrated and published the calendar with the help of the super talented Ortolan lasses. I can't wait to flick through the pages and see the calendar in all its neighbourly glory and check out that spunky yellow spiral spine. Perfection! Check out the rest of the amazing Jacky Winter illustrators and mini interviews here, and look out for the amazing portrait of Jeremy by Mel Stringer (in real life Jeremy has splendid tatts plastered all over his arms, you'll see a sneak peek on his portrait)

All this calendar talk gets better, it is available for pre-order at Lamington Drive Gallery (online and available at the gallery from November 17) To make this special project even more stupendous there will be an official opening at Lamington Drive and limited edition A2 prints of the neighbourhoods will be available to purchase. WOWSERS what a super cool way to spend your hard earned Chrissy pennies!
More gallery deets and opening night info coming soon...


Kate said...

Its beautiful!

Lucy said...

AWWWW thanks Maddie!!! SO EXCITED to finally spill the beans on this project too! It was so hard to keep it under my hat! :)

Hope to see you on the 18th!?

Luce xxxx

Madeleine Stamer said...

-If I make it to Sydney I'm bringing one for you. Hey seriously loving your prints and dead keen to do a swap.



So many to choose from!!!

-you're amazing Lucy, another fine feather in your cap. I'll be there kids et al at the opening, it will be a ripper xox