11 October 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Wilhelmina!

Wilhelmina fresh out of the oven 2006!
1st birthday 2007
 2nd birthday 2008
 3rd birthday 2009
4th birthday 2010

 Party time 2010
 Psyching up for the pinata
 ripping into poor pinata
birthday dinner with dreaded trike in the background 
 Barbie disaster
Brave Ada the morning after

This post is a week overdue and I feel I've aged 100 years in the past 7 days. The last few weeks have been jam packed getting ready for Finders Keepers market (watch this space for loads of pics and all the lo down coming soon), getting through work deadlines, teaching 3 days a week, battling a lingering bad ass bout of bronchitis and a heap of boring domestic stuff albeit balanced with some fun things like shopping for birthday party paraphernalia at Astoria (needs a full post in its self to describe the awesomeness of the place). The real craziness began on Wilhelmina's party day, beautiful weather but feeling seedy. All was going well an hour before family and friends were to arrive until BANG people started to rock up in every direction! It was my worst nightmare (imagine me in my p.j's, pre-showered, sweaty and looking like a freak) Oh my, Madeleine stuffed up with daylight savings, how lovely! Family and friends rallied around whilst I composed myself (I kid you not... I hadn't put up decorations, put out food etc, etc) Mr Karl had 'popped' out to get the drinks and I think he took the long way home, he also got a bit of a fright to see everyone there. Anyways, it was perfect weather and the day ended up being amazing (once my nerves were in check again) Last Tuesday was Wilhelmina's actual birthday, nice weather again so we opted to eat out in the courtyard, all was good until I turned to see Ada balancing on the top of the trike seat with a massive cheeky smile until... wheels rolled and Ada fall flat onto concrete... To cut (great word choice) a long story short we raced her off to hospital to get her little chinned glued up. She was an absolute champion! Luckily it was all over in an hour and a half. We were soon home opening pressies and eating the forgotten Barbie ice cream cake that we left out on the bench. She looked how I felt by the end of the ordeal. Wilhelmina assured me that it was the best day EVER!!! 

p.s Barbie update: head has been removed, no legs and last seen outside covered in dirt! So much for a glamorous life!

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Natasha Dumais said...

What a classic, darn daylight savings! One of our girls' birthdays is on that weekend and gets us everytime as well. The barbie meltdown pic is priceless! Much love the roses on her other cake too.