08 October 2010

Finders Keepers this weekend!!!!!!

We've had a dramatic week filled with birthday celebrations, reoccurring bronchitis, daylight savings slip ups, baby with a split chin ending up in emergency, frenzied Finders Keepers preparations, you name it we've battled through it! So I promise to do a proper update next week on all the above mentioned excitement, I swear I have so much to share I'll have to stagger the posts but for today I'm urging you to come visit us at The Melbourne Finders Keepers market this weekend, if that's not physically possible then please send us your good vibrations, we need all the love and positive energy available at the moment. I'm filled with jumping beans and nerves and feel sick to the bone that I wont be seeing much of my babies over the weekend, I'm sure it wall all gel. x o x

p.s There's a fantastic interview with Sarah Thornton & Brooke Johnston of Finders Keepers fame over at The Design Files today, go see!

p.p.s I promise to take a stack of pics to share with you.

p.p.s I'm so excited to be situated next to one of my favourite and cleverest buddies Kirsty Hamson from Cuff Off, we'll stand out as the 'naughty stall holders' no doubt!

p.p.p.s I am SO excited to be launching my new gift card range AND all new signed OPEN EDITION A4 giclee prints for only $50!!! Loads of new images, affordable aceness, awesomeness print quality (thanks Mr Karl xo)

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Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

was so lovely seeing you today, have blogged my washi tape embellishment.
xx cinti