12 October 2010

Finders Keepers Highlights

 Little Circus Design at Finders Keepers
Shed 4 Docklands
 Thanks Liz for the coolest swap in the world!
 More Betty Jo goodness (I'm her #1 fan)
 Perfect iphone purse from Only Midge
 I have been eyeing off these t.towels by Blink for ages! I finally own one.
Cute red apple earrings by Made By White
W O W what a weekend, a truly amazing couple of days! Karl and I navigated our way through the Dockland badlands (we contended with crazy stupid one way roads, single lanes and no turning here or there signs, it's like a legoland nightmare) we arrived at the massive Shed 4 surrounded by glorious water, old school fishermen and blue skies around 2pm on Friday to bump in. We crossed paths with my pal Kirsty from Cuff Off and together we made an excellent team assembling our wares. It took us a few hours to get our stall set up, then home for Friday night fish n' chips. My big sis Sally and niece Alice looked after the little ones at home, doing a fine job I might add until I found out that Wilhelmina had vomited and was looking as pale as a ghost! Luckily Sally is a nurse and mother of five, not just any old nurse but an amazing encyclopedia of common sense fuelled by big auntie love. Wilhelmina was in good hands. The next morning, pre market, Wilhelmina announced that she "heard the ocean" in her ear, I suspected an ear infection so big mama decided to check her ears and discovered a right pussy mess! Wilhelmina was is good spirits though so off I ventured to market to market filled with excitement which I haven't felt for a long time! The day was long but awesome. Sister Sally turned up with mum and my other niece Gracie and not long after Mr Karl arrived with Wilhelmina. They experienced a public transport shamozzle, wrong buses and a tram derailment! Wilhelmina was over it before she even arrived. Needless to say she swiftly sabotaged my stall out of boredom. The rest of the weekend was a major success in every conceivable way. I was star struck by all my fav crafters, designers and artists jam packed under one roof. I think I neglected my selling powers to concentrate on chatting to all the superstar peeps who constantly visited and stopped by for a looksy. BIG thanks to family, friends and supporters who dropped by to say hello, hope you enjoyed the entire market and made some pleasant discoveries and purchases, I sure did! Lastly special mention to Betty Jo for the bestest swap anyone could wish for, big thanks to my sister Sally and Al for looking after the kids, to my special neighbor Susie for her helping hand with bump out, hello to my new pal Frankie from The Design Kids, my co pilot Kirsty and finally muchas gracias to my dearest Mr Karl for being so patient and kind all week and throughout the duration of the market, super effort gang, I loves youse all!!! See above for pics of my restrained shopping spree and please go check out my pics on facebook and flickr, it's a star studded cast of clever creatives and special peeps who I was honoured to be amongst. Oh and how could I forget to thank the Finders Keepers girls, namely Sarah and Brooke who would have to be the most efficient and hardworking team out there, my goodness me they proved they can tackle anything and make it a memorable and truly magical event. Bring on next year when Finders Keepers returns to Melbs town (fingers crossed).


sweetwilliam said...

Coolness - did a little post of you on my blog : )



Chloë Owens said...

Hello! I found your blog through 'My Poppet' blog (which I love). I l adore your bird drawings, I love birds too! Which you can probably tell if you have a look at my work! http://www.chloeowens.com/ I'm quite new to blogspot, but I'm very much enjoying finding new artists, it's very inspiring and nice to know there are lots of crafty people around. xx

Madeleine Stamer said...

-Great to meet you you too Paula! Thanks for the mention on your blog, very sweet of you. Unfortunately the photo I took of you at your stall turned out blurry :(
If you ever want to chat email me anytime! xo ms

-Thanks for stopping by Chloe, your work looks great! Keep in touch xxx

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Your stall was so super gorgeous! I made my big run around the market at about 4.30pm on Sunday, and felt a little too crazed to actually speak to anyone, but it was so lovely and eye catching!

madeleine said...

Madeleine! I'm such a dork! But thank you for your sweet comment over on my blog...if I had of known bear hugs were involved I would have come over to your stand first thing sat morning!
Did you know we are both on page 14 of yesterdays Age M Magazine? I can't be all that bad if I'm sharing editorial with you!! Haha!
Thanks again mxx
ps. my neice's name is Ada, my family and I have always loved a good palindrome! Your girls are gorgeous x