27 September 2010

Papery delights!

new card range available soon!

Zetta Florence wrapping paper
notemaker niceness!

Hey thanks everyone for entering last weeks Design Files giveaway! Sorry there could only be one winner... perhaps another freebie before the years out??? Everyone's positive comments got me through some very sad, sick and sorry few days which were laden with nasty high temperatures and bored kids who were seeking constant mummy love!

I've been desperately waiting 12 weeks for these school holidays. I have a stack of things to do in preparation for The Finders Keepers Melbourne market plus I was looking forward to doing some special day trip adventures with the kids and of course I get sick. I haven't been proper sick for a long time so I guess I can't really complain but I'm about a week behind even though I've been sludging through jobs and battling bronchitis all week. Poor Karl has been patiently putting up with my short and snappy moods (thanks a million Mr K!) I even forgot our anniversary earlier last week (thanks a million again Mr K for the beautiful tulips!) I've been furiously attempting to get things in order such as my new gift card range which goes to print this week, they'll be available online in a couple of weeks. Every little facet of putting these things together takes SO much time and effort which only gets done when I quickly turn my back on the kids for a nano-second or when they're eventually in bed. Everything gets dragggggged out into a long and tiresome process but as a result of slowly chipping away I feel I've finally made some headway, phew! With cards on my mind I'm loving all things stationary at the moment. I've got a few essential papery picks that I love visiting online, one of my top picks, Zetta Florence is a real shop not far from me and SO worth visiting if you're in the Armadale or Fitzroy hood! They have wrapping paper to die for...


Betty Jo said...

Extra Brownie points to you for managing everything with kids, lurgies and job.
I'm struggling with just kids at the mo......
and i'll have one each of your cards thank you very much. They are beautiful!

Madeleine Stamer said...

Liz, to have your tick of approval with the cards is golden, no actually, diamond encrusted! Can't wait to hang at F/keepers with you! My buddy Kirsty from Cuff Off is right next door to me so if you need a break we can do a shuffle!