21 September 2010

Giveaway today = Happy Tuesday

Hello friends, I hope you've had a chance to pop over to The Design Files to see what's on offer today?! If you've been magically transported from there to here, welcome to You! Good luck to everyone who leaves a comment before midnight and don't forget to mention your favorite colour. A little big birdy is itching to make their way to your place soon! Thanks to lovely Lucy for organizing this fun giveaway. x o x


Lucy said...

omigod 179 comments already and it is only lunchtime! :)

These are popular birdies!

Thanks Maddi!

Luce xxx

Madeleine Stamer said...

Oh Luce I'm SO excited for everyone! I'm smiling so much it hurts, seriously I really am courtesy of a nasty bout of bronchitis and flu like symptoms:(
Your eager beaver readers with all their cheery comments have brightened me up no end, I only wish I could give one to all but that would surely bankrupt me!

Anonymous said...

I love the birds, they are all so pretty! But I have to admit I love the red one better!!!
Happy weekend!