09 August 2010

Exciting times!

That little whale above is Karl's new business logo! He's recently gone into full time printing production over at his Lantern Printing studio servicing artists, illustrators, designers, photographers and the like. He is a perfectionist and a deft hand at scanning original artwork, colour correction and he makes beautiful quality giclee prints of your work! I've been plugging his new business on facebook but neglected him here on the blog, it's super exciting and busy times for us in the Stamer household, nothing like taking care of your own business! If your'e interstate or O.S fear not, you can email your files or send work to Karl and he'll package up your precious work and return it anywhere in the world. 
As a little distraction from work I couldn't resist purchasing some Kitty Genius love over at her Etsy shop. Oh my, ashley.g currently has 50% off her adorable porcelain pendants, $10 US! Bargain of the century. They are collectables, me thinks. 


Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Yay congrats Karl! You guys are an entrepretwosome!

Madeleine Stamer said...

Thanks for the comments Steph. We're certainly v.busy at the moment with 2 VERY active kidlets. Yikes, I'm up for a holiday. How's things your end? xo

alex sunday said...

i came here from the design files giveaway (too many beautiful bird colours to choose from!!). i love those ashley g pendants too - i can't believe i missed the 50% off sale! well she has raindrops left, but i adore her characters. *sigh*