23 August 2010

Spring Countdown

Wilhelmina's rainbow
shower graffiti
local blossoms

Leader Magazine featuring Mr Karl
fabulous image by Lauren Carney
Busy, busy, busy I keep mumbling to myself like a mad woman. The past few weeks have been flat out working on little and big size projects, running around for supplies, family matters, keeping warm, sending off prints, eating chocolate, keeping up with kids, chasing pockets of sunshine and more chocolate. Luckily for Melbournians we are experiencing some sunny moments during the last days of Winter, nothing too sultry mind, just some gentle rays that take the nippy edge off. We've been enjoying the little sprigs of blossom beginning to sprout and the lovely scent that comes with it. Wilhelmina began drawing rainbows as well as 'monster spiders' a good balance I suppose. Ada's getting into flower arranging, she's doing a sterling job for a 19 month old albeit a few stems that were munched on, thanks for the beautiful daffodils Oma. Karl's been busy with Lantern Printing jobs and Kingsway promotion plus getting ready for a legal with some old schoolers, deets soon. Mums is recuperating from an operation last week and things are looking good but recovering not so much fun. 
Big things to be revealed in the coming weeks, I dislike a tease but I can't elaborate until the all clear, obviously work related! I'm gearing up for the Melbourne Finders Keepers market 9 & 10 October, I'll have lots of new work and fun things for sale, it's going to be a ripper! I'm in the process of hunting down packaging paraphernalia and I'm SO getting me some of that awesome Japanese Washi tape, check out suppliers above, sticky heaven on a roll!

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