05 August 2010

Birthdays are RAD!

I admit I really didn't expect to be so spoilt for my birthday. I know I compiled a wish list and all, but hey, I can dream and I certainly didn't expect to receive such special treasures, yes I was most overwhelmed by all the attention. Big thanks to you Mr Karl, thank you family and thank you friends! Mum gave me a gorgeous traditional Swedish candle holder which I suspect came from one of my favourite Melbourne haunts, Nord Living (their clog range is a must see!) My brother (under Mums instruction) gave me the sweet babushka measuring set which I'm guarding from the kids. Karl totally surprised me by going on a secret squirrel mission to Melbourne Outre and purchased Plasma Boy, see him above in all his multi-colour prism glory. I think the purchase was made easier due to the fact that Karl was quietly fond of the image himself. Days later, but still in birthday mode I couldn't resist buying Seasons by amazing French illustrator Blexbolex, I'm mesmerized by his images, discover more about him at Nobrow Press and Grain Edit both worthy visits in their own right. The rainy days have kept us inside despite painful cabin fever. During Ada's naps, Wilhelmina and I created a kite complete with durable Tyvek fabric, you can purchase Tyvek by the metre at Zart Art. We took it for a quick spin out the back and surprisingly it got off the ground! We're waiting for a windy day and if we're brave enough we might head down to Elwood foreshore and show those fancy kite dudes how it's done old school style, which actually brings back an awkward memory of Elsie our old dog leaping up and catching a complete strangers kite and massacring it. Given the cold and dreary weather I dusted off my trusty old pop-pom magic maker, if you've never come across such a device and rely on the traditional method of making pom-poms then I can't stress enough to have a crack at this fantastic piece of plastic! It's the best invention ever! I swear... Pick them up from Spotlight, cheap as chips too. 

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Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Happy Birthday M! Looks like you had a fabulous day. I want Wilhelmina's kite for my wall. She is amazing.