25 July 2010

Motivation for the week

Prep art work
cracking the kiln at work
saturday morning pikelets
melbourne museum visit
Phar Lap the champ
Wilhelmina with the cuz's
hamming it up at the museum
wallter palm mobile

With every spare minute I've been hard at work in my temporary studio/bedroom/floor trying desperately to get new work finished plus squeezing in job deadlines hence the lack of blog updates. Being back at work is a little hard to take but looking forward to the weekend and a certain someones birthday helps the week glide by. I keep getting sidetracked browsing the net for pretend birthday gifts to myself which adds a slight temporary smile to my face, then I'm back to the real world. A visit to the Melbourne Museum (site desperately requires revamp) with the cousins was a highlight today plus a serving of tasty pikelets a.k.a shapeshifters made our bellies sing (p.s don't tell the kids that the recipe includes an entire grated apple). Ah the simple things. Please, please, please birthday fairy send some Haigh's truffles my way or some superga's or one of those nice wallter palm mobiles. 

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