12 April 2010

The Infinite Shape of Rainbows

I'm  a tad excited to go see Beci Orpins new exhibition The Infinite Shape of Rainbows which opens this Thursday evening at Lamington Drive. I have my fingers crossed that Beci will include more of her iconic folk girls laden with rich decoration and symbolic meaning. I love her chosen themes of good verses evil, life and death, light and dark, perfect equilibrium! The show is sure to be a visual treat and worth venturing over the Yarra for on a cold Autumn evening. I hear Beci's better half Raph will have Beatbox Kitchen in prime position, catering for the masses. It doesn't get much better! Ooh and if you didn't catch a glimpse of Beci's lovely pad take a quick peek over at The Design Files for inspiration overload. 
Gallery Spiel: Melbourne artist Beci Orpin has been immersed in a fantasy world of 60s book covers, educational toys and 18th century paper-cuts. It’s now time we joined her. Her new show, ‘The Infinite Shape of Rainbows’ showing at Lamington Drive from April 15th is an exploration of color, fantasy and science. 
“I am hoping to show that sometimes what we think might be dark and evil, could actually be good. And what is light and happy, might actually be bad.” Color verses black, light verses dark, good verses evil. All encumbered into brightly colored or black, white and grey pieces; editioned prints, hand-painted wooden dolls, paper-cuts and collages. 

Beci will venture into foreign territory by using the entire space. Expect to see big images in vinyl cut, paint or collage on the walls that tie her wonderful pieces together.

Lamington Drive
89 George Street, Fitzroy Melbourne
Opens Thursday April 15, 2010 at 6.00pm

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