17 April 2010

The Infamous Girlprinter

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn 'Girlprinter' Fraser of Idlewild Press, a little more about her here. My agent Jeremy Wortsman put us in contact with each other which I am most grateful for. We are planning a little collaboration which will unfold in due time. Carolyn's amazing studio is located on the 6th floor of the iconic Nicholas Building in the city which is a magical rabbit warren choc o' bloc full of artists and crafters studios. I don't get into the city enough, simply because I don't have time to, actually I haven't ventured in there since July last year! I love the city and as a young lass I spent half of my life hanging about near Flinders Street Station and other sordid haunts. It was such a treat to meet Carolyn (what a treasure!) and her studio and her incredible printing equipment is to die for! I wont go into the logistics of how she operates her letterpress machinery or bother mentioning the ungodly task of how she got her heavy gear up onto the 6th level (after arriving on a shipping container via the U.S) All I can say is that Carolyn is one amazing artist with an incredible story to tell. I feel very privileged having met her and experiencing a little snippet of her old school printing world. Can't wait to combine my illustration with her printing skills. Fun things to look forward to.


Kate said...

Oh dear - I was itching to hear how in god's name she navigated the presses up the Nicholas Building!

After seeing the picture of them packing up shop in the States, that is all I can think about! All their beautiful work is overshadowed by the thought lurking at the back of my head 'They must be the world's strongest, heftingest people!'

Kate said...

Cant wait to see how the collaboration turns out.
And I want to know how she got the press up there too!