07 April 2010


O.k so I am a little behind with this post, I'll blame easter for my absence, I hope you all had a great easter break. Above shots are from the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros gig at The Corner Hotel, ahhh I regained some of my youth thanks to a dose of good music and great company (thanks to my gal pals Lucy & Bekarra!) As we were having our happy snap taken by the Faster Louder photographer I was able to snap back creating a bit of double flash magic! Check out the rest of the gig pics, actually the Faster Louder site is really awesome and worth checking out if you're into the live music scene. As you can see above, the lovely Bekarra is sporting a rather fetching big swallow tattoo which you may or may not recognize, see here for a gentle reminder. I have also been told that there is a certain mysterious Melbourne gent who has been spotted at a Blackeyed Susans gig also sporting a swallow tatt with monochromatic blues inspired by the Blackeyed Susans cover (yes, the band has affectionately adopted my swallow image with all my blessings) I would love to see a pic of this mysterious tattooed man, please, please email your tatt pic! Thanks Bekarra and mystery man for choosing my art to decorate your skin, very brave. I feel special.

The easter bunny arrived with a fresh delivery of chocolate chip hot cross buns dripping with much buttery goodness and a truck load of eggs. The girls ran around in a frenzy searching for hidden chocolate eggs and as if by magic, the eggs kept mysteriously appearing when the girls backs were conveniently turned, the novelty soon wore off. Ada enjoyed sucking the chocolate right through the foil (lucky she doesn't have any old school metal fillings) she successfully sampled most of the eggs leaving little baby bite marks all over.  We have all completely indulged and now paying for it, I have a big plump pimple right on the tip of my nose, so pretty. I love easter and I'm secretly glad that daylight savings is over, yes I'm one of those weird folk who prefers winter over summer. I've also been knuckling down completing commissioned illustrations and I received a new batch of my Bird Cluster mobiles, in timber available for sale soon! Speaking of illo's I always forget to mention that my images often appear in the Melbourne Child magazine, it's distributed nationally. It's a fantastic free publication for parents, if you have young kidlets, it's a must. Check out the site for more deets.

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Betty Jo said...

I have always hoped for my needle phobia to wane so I could aquire a tattoo.
But I'm kinda glad I didn't get one way back when, because I would have always regretted not getting your Swallow!
Glad you had a super chocoholic sugary brain rush of an Easter!