15 December 2009


I know, I know I have been a little slack with the posts lately, I've been super busy trying to get things done before Christmas which I can't believe is next week!!! Ada turns *1* next Sunday (yes 2 days after Xmas), I keep thinking about the way things were this time a year ago. I had the very fugly bloated legs, aching ligaments and constant braxton hicks pains day and night. Ada arrived 1.5 weeks early, I didn't expect her so soon because Wilhelmina was 10 days overdue. Just shows you, you can never predict these things. Ada's been a little champion, she's now crawling everywhere, actually she's still sliding like a slug but beginning to pull herself up on things and being as bold as brass. Wilhelmina is completely fascinated by her little sister.

We've blinged up the Chrissy tree complete with new bright green growth at the tips. I stupidly insisted on mixing in some dynamic lifter when we repotted the prickly beast. Well, our back room now smells like Werribee (local sewage farm). Tomorrow I'll add some pics of our smelly Christmas tree complete with some of my favorite Chrissy tree images.

On the creative side of things, I added 8 new prints to my bigcartel shop today. They're all new images which I recently showed at the 'three of a kind' exhibition with Irene and Beci. I also have some prints for sale up at Bob Boutique in Bendigo. If you are local and feel like a long drive over the Chrissy break then I highly recommend visiting the lovely Sonia at Bob's for a visual treat!

P.S I went to the movies last night (first time in 2 years!!!) to see Jane Campions 'Bright Star', it is a visual treat and intensely romantic! Coincidently I noticed Lucy has some giveaway tix over at The Design Files today!!! Yay for freebies!

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