30 November 2009

New Projects

                         converting our boring wall to a fun blackboard

The ultimate cubby via Miko Design

love this old barn which could be converted to a cubby house!

Sadly the 'three of a kind' show ended on Sunday, it came and went in a flash. Exhibiting with Irene and Beci was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had! Firstly, I utterly admire their art so much, secondly I was blown away by their professionalism, organisation and super cool attitude, thirdly I am inspired by how they have created a perfect balance mixing their art and personal life. Those girls rock! The coolest thing is their energy and dedication to their family and kids (in Irene's case, bubba number 1 on the way) Both Irene and Beci have that special magical sparkle in their eyes! No wonder their work is so amazing.

On the home front I have been busy preparing some fun things for the kids. I eventually got round to painting one of the walls in our back room with blackboard paint. Wilhelmina loves it! Warning for anyone considering using blackboard paint... make sure you have plenty of ventilation/fresh air and wear dud clothes! The paint is a nightmare!!! It really stinks, actually I'd compare it to the stinky stench of possum pee and it stains like a bugger. I stupidly hammered the lid on not noticing that there was wet paint in the lip of the can and it splattered all over my face, I was too angry at the time to document my dotted complexion with a photo :( After much scrubbing and partial skin removal I was able to rub most of the paint off, it is still riddled throughout my hair though. Next DIY project is the long awaited cubby house royale. I've been hounding poor Karl for months to have a crack at building one. See above for cubby inspiration, one of my favorites is the super sweet gypsy style caravan via Miko Design, it's so very, very pretty!

The Chrissy tree is due to come out of hiding, it'll be my next domestic project. Wilhelmina is so excited. I'll also have to dust off our softie door angel too. A few years ago some young punks tagged it so I had to make a pretty dress to cover the scribbles! That's karma for you (see older post referring to 'kingsway'!)

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