17 December 2009


The Stamers 2009 Chrissy Tree

 handmade paper stars

Student collaboration from 2005

Jane Schouten's amazing xmas tree collage

I've been compiling my favorite Chrissy Tree images for ages! The hugest apologies to the clever folk and bloggers who originally posted these inspirational pics. I ashamedly archived the images and forgot to take note of who, what and where I found them. If you recognize any of the images please let me know and I'll credit all involved. How amazing is the found objects/collage tree above!!!? I secretly love the crocheted trees the most.


Betty Jo said...

hey shazam! i just posted the same pic. on tuesday (the trinket tree with orange chair)
here,s the flickr link- http://www.flickr.com/photos/atlitw/3104910268/

Madeleine Stamer said...

OMG you are amazing Liz! I've had those images sittin' pretty in my 'inspiration' folder for over a year. You are such a super sleuth! Thanks and hey, great minds...