18 November 2009


* gentle reminder *

Two more sleeps to go until opening night! Things are relatively quiet on the home front, perhaps the calm before the storm... The girls have been little gems and having their regular daily sleeps which allows big mumma to get some work done and things organised for the show. Ada is literally days away from crawling, she has just started doing a rather clever sliding-forward-manoeuvre to get from A to B, we are all very impressed. Wilhelmina is getting taller by the day and bolder by the minute. We enjoyed yesterdays late arvo sunshine outside in the backyard, Ada is discovering grass and finds it very itchy and annoying, she preferred the sporadic dust spots. This morning while I was doing the dishes in the kitchen I busted Ada daydreaming in her 'fun pod', she was staring out the window and resting her head on little Miffy, I had to capture the moment. She was soon rescued for a kiss and a cuddle. I excitedly hanged/hung one of my 'bird cluster' mdf mobile samples above the toilet (pride of place!) I had them done specifically for the show, they are made of translucent acrylic and the colours are gorgeous! I'll share pics of installed work at our 'three of a kind' blog after opening night. Oooh exciting times!!!


Betty Jo said...

Great show. A beautiful treat for the senses.
If you read my latest blog post
Charlie has requested a new painting!

Madeleine Stamer said...

Ha ha! Just read your post. Charlie might have to wait a while for a chainsaw wielding skeleton print. Perhaps a custom made design just for him. Thanks for the ACE mention, the frames look great. Loved seeing you at the opening! Hope you enjoyed your St Kilda adventure.

my poppet said...

Hi Madeleine, Hope you had a great show, hope to see you soon

Madeleine Stamer said...

Hey Cintia, let's catch up soon. I'm keen to drop by the shop and please know you and your lovely Emma are welcome here for a play anytime! Speak soon. x M