29 July 2009

The Badge Says It All!

Yummy cupcakes made by my neighbor Susie (SO delicious!)

Pretty orchid from Mum

New York in a Bag by Muji
The last few days we've had birthdays and celebrations galore! It began on Sunday with my mother in laws birthday (mystery age), on Monday it was my neighbor Susie's birthday and Ada's 7 month milestone and my 37th yesterday (gasp!) My two sisters Sally, Emma and Mum visited yesterday for morning tea. Mum made her delicious triple-story passion fruit sponge cake with plenty of fresh cream to keep us all happy. I was overwhelmed with so many sweet treats, pressies and txt messages and a surprise call from my brother Peter who's in NY for business. Before he left I put in an order for Moma's New York in a Bag by Muji only $15 US (bargain!!!) and as luck shall have it he's staying round the corner from MoMA. I'll definitely be keeping this precious cityscape away from the little girls. This mini-memento treasure will be kept above arms length with a strict "look with your eyes only" policy (such a mum/teacher thing to say!) I can already hear the moans from Wilhelmina...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes gang!

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