23 July 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Woody from RRR radio, Karl, Marty & Duro
Images courtesy of Denise Nestor
Last week, including the weekend just gone was so jam packed and choc-o-bloc full that it has taken us quite a few days to unwind and enjoy a sense of calm again, I've been whining all week not knowing if I'm Arthur or Martha! Well, we had the big Kingsway book launch at ACMI and Karl had a couple of radio interviews jammed in between and two book signings in one day, literally back to back. It was kinda the final wrap up on Tuesday with the final book signing at Readings, Carlton. Lucky for me our lovely neighbor Susie helped me organise the little gals, rug them up and we drove off into peak hour traffic from one side of the city to the other to catch a glimpse of the boys in action being interviewed live within the Readings bookshop. It was a great turnout with family, friends and the general public who came to listen to the boys reminisce about the old school days. It was the first time in about forever that we all went out for a bite to eat after as one big family posse. Yes, that was us at the rowdy table, kids squealing with delight and adults besotted by the wee folk and all of us on a mighty big high after such a success with the book and all!

Getting back to last Saturday I've added a link to lifelounge with some pics of the ACMI book launch, everyone behaving very dignified I must say. As Karl and I were leaving the book launch after party we strolled down Little Burke Street which happens to be Melbourne's Chinatown. We spied a circular table right at the front of a particulalry kitsch chinese restaurant with a group of Elvis's dining with their Priscilla babes. It was a classic sight and they very enthusiastically allowed me to take some happy snaps (thanks guys!). Only hours before, on my way into the city, just after I had frantically fed baby Ada, prepared Wilhelmina for bed and got dolled up, I drove like a maniac into Federation Square trying desperately to make it in time for the speeches with Elvis blasting on the CD player to fire me up (yes we're big fans). So it was quite fitting to see The King, actually Kings eating out in full 70's one piece suits, thank you very much! For the record, I bloody missed the speeches but at least I had 'that's all right'
pumping in my head...

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