01 June 2009


The Beginnings of Australian Graffiti:

Melbourne 1983-93'


I've begged and pleaded with my hubby Mr Karl to post about the highly anticipated book he's been working on for almost 10 years with co-authors and old school graf pals Duro and Marty. Kings Way profiles the beginnings of Melbourne graffiti between 1983 to 1993. Up until now it's all been quite hush hush but finally the book is complete and almost ready for release. Over the past months the guys have been working tirelessly fine tuning and tweaking the book, it almost took priority when baby Ada was born but I had to draw the line when Mr Karl took a call to discuss the book while I was in labor (thanks for calling at a convenient time duro...)

Over the years I've been privy to most of the books content randomly laying about the house with piles of photographs stacking up to the ceiling and thinking that the book will never be finished but the boys have finally got there and the end product is amazing. The other day Karl actually held a copy in his hot little hands and he was more than chuffed! The release date is July 1 2009 and there will be an official book launch at ACMI, Federation Square mid July. It's going to be a ripper seeing all the old writers and finding out what they've all been up to post graffiti days. Check out the Kings Way blog for updates and info regarding the exclusive 'writers' edition which will be boxed and limited to 300 only or pre-purchase a copy via the Kings Way bigcartel shop. Most of them are already spoken for but the rest will be available at the launch and I'm sure the guys will be all too pleased to 'tag' a copy for you. Here's some exclusive and previously unreleased pics which are also some of my favs from the book...






Anonymous said...

It looks amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. I've been meaning to ask. Who is the kid in the cover pic? Michelle

Little Birdsville said...

The dudes name is Seci, the pic was taken circa 1987. The photo was courtesy of pnuts collection.

Jennifer said...

So looking forward to seeing the finished product. We thought the kid on the front cover was Karl. Who is it? You must be so proud. See you at Fed Square. Extra large.
Can we wear masks?
jen x