05 June 2009

Heavy Metal Salute!

Baby Ada is officially a finger sucker... Not just your ordinary thumb sucking action either, she's adopted the heavy metal salute. I swear the photo below is not staged. When she starts dozing off she slips the two middle fingers in, every time she hits a jackpot with the same fingers! It's very amusing to watch. Karls impressed with the heavy metal salute as he's done a bit of the old saluting himself especially when he's listening to his old fav Danzig. Speaking of Danzig, Karl found an interesting clip on youtube of a danzig/shakira mix. I'm not sure if he laughed or cried when he discovered the song. Very wacky, Check it out here

Here's to you Danzig!

Wilhelmina is a dummy sucker, still is. Something we need to ween off but we're not too fussed at the moment, considering all the big life changes since the arrival of Ada. W's moving into her own big bed this weekend, we bought her a lovely old second hand Victorian cast iron bed with loads of character, bought it for a steal. I'll post some pics when it is all assembled. Ada is upgrading to W's cot. I unearthed some of Wilhelmina's old cot blankys for Ada to use see pic below. Mum and I collaborated on a little project together utilizing Mums amazing old school sewing tricks with my unorthodox crafty techniques. I decorated a plain woolen cot blanket using the dry felting technique and mum trimmed it with some satin edging and made the backing. We bought the lovely green polka dot backing fabric from Patchwork on Central Park.

The dry felting technique is very simple (and I love an easy project) a good tip is to hand sew some rough stitches over the detail at the back so picky little fingers can't pull it out! Zart Art in Box Hill, Melbourne sells all the dry felting equipment, you'll need wool tops, special needles and some foam to place at the back while you're felting away. Try not to stab yourself :o)

Wilhelmina's dry felted blanky

Loads of shuffling to do in little birdsville over the weekend! Have a lovely long weekend to all the Melburnians.


Kate said...

Oh Maddi - she is adorable! I am pleased that she being exposed to Danzig at such an early age and I hope that she is following up her education with early Misfits work too.

Your blanket is lovely too. : ) Dry felting is too scary for me [clumsy woman with easily stabbed fingers!] but it can produce such wonderful results.

Little Birdsville said...

You forgot to mention Danzigs lesser known horror punk band Samhain, hmmm maybe we'll just stick with the wiggles...