01 May 2009

Birdsville exhibition at Bob Boutique

My solo show Birdsville opened this weekend at Bob Boutique!

With much excitement we packed up the car and stock piled it with a months worth of cup cakes, lolly snakes and sugary goodness and drove up by convoy to Bendigo for the weekend with the family. Baby Ada slept all the way whilst wriggly Wilhelmina went through every emotion under the sun (tip for toddlers: lolly snakes worked as an excellent pacifier) First stop was the gallery and a quick chat with the lovely Sonia from Bob's. She did a sterling job hanging all the work, what an absolute champion.

my hand painted wood panels on display
me and the gals

Me and my trusty entourage consisting of big sis' Sally and my nieces bought a few goodies from Bob's (what an amazing range of super cool treasures), I convinced Karl that I really needed to buy this lovely brooch by 'a skulk of foxes' so I did! I decided later to give up my loot to mum for a funky mothers day pressie. She loved it and I'm in the good books.

ACB13_IB Hohloma Bird

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