20 April 2009

Elsie Stamer

Rest In Peace

Elsie Stamer


Our loving and forever loyal girl



It's been a very sad and tough week having to say good bye to our beloved big boned Elsie dog. We brought Elsie home from a crazy rough dog breeding joint in Rockbank, Melbourne when she was a wee 6 week old pup. The breeder had all sorts of mixed bred puppies all resembling the likes of pitbulls and rotti crosses (very tough looking canines!) Elsie had a neurotic nature, she was a big wimp but couldn't be trusted with other dogs, cats, possums and small fluffy creatures except for Fritz the Schnoodle dog, her life long buddy. She adored humans (albeit a little shy with strangers) and when Wilhelmina was born they bonded immediately. I think Elsie was confused when Ada arrived probably thinking 'not another bloody tail puller'. She adored her nightly walk with Karl, an epic endeavor because she was such a slow dawdler, sniffing EVERYTHING in sight and cocking her leg just like her male competitors. She was a clever girl who could speak on command bringing much amusement to us all; pre-baby days she travelled proudly next to me in the passenger seat of the car (all 34 kilos of her) and we used to hang out all day long at the studio, she'd always tread carefully around the work laid out on the floor never breaking a thing. Elsie lived inside all her life and was treated like royalty and adored by Karl and I, my in-laws, my family and friends. She was our brindle-bella bully cross. The photo above was taken a day before she passed away, she maintained her spunk right up till the end. We love you Elsie!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! I have tears. It is the most challenging thing to have to say to goodbye to such a beautiful relationship. They bring us so much love, laughter and joy - no wonder there are so many tears when they go :( x

Madeleine Stamer said...

Thanks MC x o x